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The Laramie Midwest/Standard refinery site, located at 971 North Cedar Street has long been considered an eye-sore by residents and visitors alike. Although the site has deteriorated into a state of disrepair, and has been a haven for vandals and trash dumping, there is still a history to this place that should not be ignored. This website is devoted to documenting the history and the current conditions of the site; from its early beginnings as an oil refinery, to its being repurposed as a yttrium processing plant, to the time it was used for automotive repairs. Currently it is owned by the Laramie Rivers Conservation District,(LRCD); the plan is to reclaim the property, and clean up the site.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation,(WYDOT) conducted a study of the site in 2009. The United States Environmental Protection Agency,(EPA), released a report in 2011 concerning the environmental conditions and recommendations for the site. Both of these reports are available at the LRCD website at: http://www.lrcd.net/index_files/Page532.htm. These reports are the basis from which I’ve been conducting my research. I’m investigating further into the history than what has been presented in these reports and studies.

All pages with images have a highlighted copy of the map that is found in the WYDOT report on the LRCD web site.

I will be posting images, both of my own and from historic archives, these will include newspaper reports, and any additional documentation that I can find and publish.

I also want to take this occasion to thank Tony Hoch and the Laramie Rivers Conservation District for permitting me the opportunity to document this project.  -Doc

If anyone has any additional information that they would like to share, please email me at info@docspix.com, with Laramie Refinery in the text line.

Posted December 23, 2012 by docthissen

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