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The demolition of the former Midwest/Standard Oil of Indiana Refinery on north Cedar street began at the end of June, 2014. I’ve been granted access to document the demolition, and to try to provide a day-by-day record of this activity. The first phase of the demolition is being carried out by Stonehouse Earthwork Services of Laramie. More information about Stonehouse can be found here:

As I process the images, (to date, I’ve made close to 4,000 of just the demolition), I’ll post them on this page. I’ll be posting all of the images with the date as a means of identifying any and all changes. All images will appear in chronological order, so regardless of when an image gets processed, it will be added accordingly. I’ve been photographing every day that Stonehouse has been working – rain or shine, and doing more in-depth photography on the weekends.

The first structure to be razed is the former United States Yttrium plant, with the south factory floor and storage area having its roof and walls removed:

2July2014United States Yttrium –  2July2014

US Yttrium Demo Day 3United States Yttrium – 3July2014

Through the stills 1Through the Stills 1 – 3July2014

US Yttrium North Side1United States Yttrium, North Side – 3July2014

Northwest Production BuildingNorthwest Production Building of the Midwest Refinery – 3July2014

North Wing U.S. Yttrium PlantUnited States Yttrium Building; north garage, east side – 5July2014

West Still 9Jul14West Still, (inside the U.S. Yttrium plant) – 9July2014

US Y Demolition1 10Jul14United States Yttrium – 10July2014

The Wall 1North Wall of the factory floor, United States Yttrium – 13July2014

Love Seat RevisitedInside the northwest production building – 14Jul2014

Still DemolitionBrandon Markle of Stonehouse uses a pulverizer to tear into one of the Midwest Oil Refining Company stills –  15July2014

LMWR_LSG_0403U.S. Yttrium, north side, east lab and garage area – 16July2014

LMWR_NWPT_705Northwest production building; tunnel, interior – 17July2014

LMWR_NWPT_895Northwest production building; tunnel,exterior – 18July2014

LMWR_NGEV1_20Jul14U.S. Yttrium, east garage area – 20July2014

Time Passes/Fuck the Free WorldThe east wall of the east lab from the U.S. Yttrium plant – 3August2014

E Lab Doorway Detail1Detail of the door frame – 3August2014

LMWR_USY1_6Aug14United States Yttrium – 6Aug2014

Still DemolitionWest wall, (still base) of the United States Yttrium tower – 7Aug2014 (north view)

LMWR_USYWSV_7Aug14West wall, (still base) of the United States Yttrium tower – 7Aug2014  (south view)

LMWR_EUSYS1_14Aug14East side (formerly interior) of United States Yttrium – 14Aug2014

The next phase of the demolition is focusing on the Standard Oil of Indiana production buildings, these along with the original control building of the Midwest Oil Refining Company, (later used as the pilot plant for United States Yttrium), will be razed. The concrete will be used to continue to construct the ramp seen above to start the demolition of the tower section of the United States Yttrium plant.

LMWR_SOPB5_1Production building 5, Standard Oil of Indiana. Original control building of Midwest Oil, later the pilot plant for U.S. Yttrium on left – 20Aug2014

Second Floor, NW ViewA view from inside the United States Yttrium tower, 2nd floor – 23Aug2014

USYSB_9Sep14The tower section of the United States Yttrium plant was razed on 9Sep2014

USYSB1_2_Detail_10Sept14Detail of stills – 10Sep2014

LMWR_ESB_TDetail_11Sep14A lone aspen tree grows out of the top of one of the stills – 11Sept2014

LMWR_ESB_T_11Sep14A wide view of the still base.

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